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Autumn MakeUp

Today I like to show you my current favorite makeup for autumn.
I am quite new at waering eyeshadow, normally I wear only mascara and sometimes eyeliner, but I figured that one of my go-to looks for autumn are these nice berry colors.

But first things first:

For my foundation I am totally obsessed with the Nars sheer glow foundation in the color Mont Blanc. The coverage is really good and it doesn't feel like I am wearing makeup at all :)
The concealer I use at the moment is the Mac select cover-up cache-cernes in NW15.
With the soft compact powder from Manhattan in the color 8 Vanilla I set all my makeup so it doesn't run down my face.
For contouring I am absolutely in love with the Hoola bronzer from benefit.
Last but not least I fill in my eyebrows with the Browsatin pencil from Maybelline in the shade medium brown.

Now to the eyes:

At first I use the perfect eyes base from p2 to make sure the eyeshadow stays on the lid.
I am OBSESSED with this palette. It is the energy no…

Little Autumn Adventure

Since it is autumn when I start my blog, it feels only appropriate that my first post is about this beautiful season. 
The other day I had a little adventure trip into a forest to enjoy the crisp air and the sun. I walked around some small lakes and found some incredible places.  I loved the sound of the leaves as I walked around. It calms me down, let me forget about any problem. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything is not as bad as it seems (getting a little deep here ^__^). 
For me autumn is about having nice walks and getting a little chilly. There's nothing better to get warm again than wearing a big comfy sweaters and drinking some hot chocolate :)
What is your favorite thing about autumn? 

So I hope you like my first post and the pictures. 
See you soon xx